Semalt Provides Top 5 Powerful Plugins To Pull Data From Website

While WordPress offers tons of features and flexibility, there is still a lot of functionality missing from this content management system. Thankfully, different WordPress plugins allow you to pull data from a website without any issue. There are nearly 40,000 options in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but the following WordPress plugins are easy-to-use and can pull data from a website without compromising on quality.

1. Advanced Orders Export For Woocommerce:

It is one of the best and most powerful WordPress plugins. Advanced Orders Export for WooCommerce allows you to pull data from a website that is hosted with WooCommerce. If you have developed an online store, you may want to pull data from sites like eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba. Thankfully, this plugin allows you to target different web documents and pulls pricing information and product descriptions, which you can use on your own e-commerce site to improve its search engine rankings. You can also pick up the data fields and can organize the pulled data according to your requirements.

2. Csv Importer & Exporter Plugin:

Just like Advanced Orders Export for WooCommerce Plugin, CSV Importer and Exporter is used to pull data from a website. It is one of the most famous WordPress plugins to date and comes with enhanced options and features. Rather than focusing on the web documents of other sites or exporting their content, you can pull everything from the internet and can build your own blog. This plugin allows you to extract data from dynamic web pages, and you can also target phone numbers, email IDs, images, videos, HTML files, PDF documents and other things with this service.

3. Customizer Export/Import Plugin:

Customizer Export/Import is an interactive plugin that is used to pull data from a website and transforms the unorganized information into the structured and organized form. It is compatible with all WordPress sites and blog and offers different modules to choose from. This plugin lets you export the scraped data to a pre-defined file format, and you can customize its settings according to your desires and requirements.

4. Export All URLs Plugin:

One of the most distinctive features of this WordPress plugin is that it helps you export multiple URLs at a time and pulls data from the website without any issue. Once installed and activated, you can use this plugin to target data of hundreds to thousands of web pages. It will export the information, URLs, titles, descriptions, and categories to the desired format and will give you accurate and reliable results.

5. WordPress Awesome Import & Export Plugin:

Last but not the least, WordPress Awesome Import and Export is an interactive plugin that helps you pull data from a website and is compatible with all types of web pages. It allows you to target Google Maps and helps you edit the scraped data to fix minor grammatical or spelling errors. If you are not satisfied with the performance of and Octoparse, you can use this WordPress plugin to scrape data and can upload that content to your own site instantly.

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